Being quoted at Nasdaq

Next stop Wall Street

3DOTS was born to support companies along the journey to being quoted at Nasdaq. The division's goal is to offer its clients the chance to land on the offical american stock exchange.

The process

3DOTS’s mission is to support the most excellent Southern European companies while preparing documentation and defining useful standards for the quotation at Nasdaq. The commitment is possible thanks to skills, experts and the close collaboration with the New York Stock Exchange itself.

What can you expect from the process?

1. Preliminary

The preliminary phase related to the Nasdaq quotation relates to the preparation of any files and documents which are needed to request to be listed.

The company profile will be presented via a document dedicated to governance containing:

  • company history and background
  • information on associates and partners
  • value of the shares
  • net company wealth
  • corporate governance criteria

2. Application

Such phase regards the application process to Nasdaq and involves the start to the evaluation process which lasts from 3 to 6 months.

During the evaluation process, the company:

  • will be looked after by the lega, audit and marketing teams at 3DOTS
  • will receive a letter within 2-3 weeks with a comment concerning a first evaluation made by a Nasdaq analyst which will be followed by a final acceptance decison or application refusal.

3. Ringing the bell

Once Nasdaq has accepted the application to be quoted, the traditional bell ringing event in New York will be planned to celebrate the official opening on the american stock market.

For the upcoming 3 years after the quotation, some of the following services will be available:

  • direct telephone line for reporting
  • dedicated site to all investors with all documents related to the company with ethical code and CDA
  • a 4-audio webcast package
  • press release online and offline inclusive of comments and social mentioning
  • virtual event dedicated to investors on the quotation day
  • ESG services including courses, insights and market benchmarks

Quotation standards

  • Financial stability
  • Registration on Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Other requirements based on company dimension and volume of trades

The company shares will be quoted in one of the three market levels: Global Select Market, where all companies with Nasdaq’s highest standards lie, it is considered a high compounding market. Global Market, considered average compounding. Capital Market, once called SmallCap Market, negotiates companies with the lowest market compoundings.


The italian companies that get quoted at Nasdaq can benefit from the following advantages:

Higher evaluation than company shares

International presence and visibility

Access to a wide range of investors

Reputation improvement

Would you ike to know more?

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